What if I told you that you can lose up 13 pounds in just 21 days using this single piece of exercise equipment called a “KETTLEBELL”…Would you believe me?

“Discover How You Can Lose POUNDS Of Body Fat While Increasing Lean Muscle In Just 3 Short Weeks”

If you are frustrated with your weight, tired of doing long boring hours of cardio, and using expensive home gym contraptions that never seem to work…Then get ready to experience rapid fat loss in the comforts of your home while using a KETTLEBELL

Dear friend,

How would you like to get rid of unwanted body fat once and for all? If I told you can lose fat faster without going to a gym or spending thousands of dollars on useless home exercise equipment… would you want to learn my secret system for rapid fat loss?

I’m going to reveal to you my proven fat loss formula that is guaranteed to sculpt your body, get rid of belly fat, dramatically increase your strength, and boost your self-confidence all in just 21 days using a kettle bell.

The great thing about kettlebell training is that you can workout ANYTIME and ANYWHERE and get better and faster results in half the time.

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about starting to look better and feel healthier, then this is going to be the most important information you’ll ever read…

With my kettlebell fat loss system, I am going to show you how to get rid of your fat, CELLULITE covered butt, those flabby THUNDER THIGHS, and the EMBARASSING mid-section.

As your body transforms into the body you ALWAYS wanted, you will FINALLY feel confident about yourself.

So I decided to combine all of my research…

I put together OVER 10,000 hours I spent working with clients plus ANOTHER 10,000 hours researching scientific studies into a single fitness program that is going to get you the body of your dreams.

You’ll get all the secret techniques I used that’ll allow you to get a lean, sexy body when you invest in…

Module 1: Basic Kettlebell Movements ($297 Value) – This is the “meat and potatoes” of Kettlebell Training. Inside is where I show you basic kettlebell movements and how to do them effectively.

I routinely charge $550 per month for customized program design. After 20,000+ hours of kettlebell training, I have a firm understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. My programs deliver results. Period.

Module 2: Kettlebell Workout Circuits ($397 Value) – Here are the exercises you’ll perform, step by step video tutorials, and detailed descriptions of how to perform them. In this module you will learn how to put together exercise routines together and how to use advanced exercises for sculpting and fat loss.
The Simple Kettlebell Workouts Training Log Sheets: printable workout log sheets. ($47.00 Value)
Fat Burning Nutrition Plan ($97 Value) – Over 10 years of “in-the-trenches” nutrition plan put together in a simple system that allows you to burn fat immediately – customized for you.
Nutrition Journal ($19 Value) – Food logging is for accountability. That’s a major factor in the success of any weight loss program. Everyone of my personal training clients has used this method. In fact it’s same EXACT strategy I use to stay lean! Success leaves clues – follow them!


PLUS, your gonna get these bonuses…

Bonus #1 ($197 value) How to burn 10x times more calories while using a rope. Battle rope training is one of the most cheapest exercise equipment out there. You can bring ropes anywhere and get a great workout. In this training module I will teach you several different exercises and how to train with ropes effectively.
Bonus #2 ($197 value) How to build a strong core and upper body strength with suspension training.Suspension training can be done inside or outside. All you need is to hook it up to a door way or tree outside and your ready to get your workout started.This kind of training is great because you combine your body weight into your exercises and challenges your core muscles for optimum results.

In this video module I will teach you how to perform the basic exercises correctly and how to combine them into your workout routine.

These bonuses alone are worth more than the enitire cost of this whole program

Let me ask you a question…

How much would you pay if you can have the body you always wanted and to have the self-confidence you’ve always been yearning for?

At first I was going to make this a super high-end product.

I mean, if my kettlebell weight loss program can literally transform your body into a lean and toned sexy physique… Making your friends jaws drop in awe of how you look… Then it’s easily worth a few hundred dollars.

In fact, at first I was gonna offer it only to my people in my coaching program and charge $197 for it… and this information is EASILY worth that much.

But here’s the thing… I don’t want to only offer this to my coaching clients because I really enjoying helping as many people as I can and all the joy it gives me… and the last thing I wanna do is limit the amount of people I can help.

So here’s what I’ve done for you…

I’ve put the whole course together, including every single thing I know about kettlebell, suspension, rope training and nutrition into a “members only” portal for you.

The portal is loaded with step-by-step easy to follow videos showing you EXACTLY what to do.

The cost of the program is just $197 $37 which is an absolute steal for the information you’re getting…

At $197 $37 I’m practically giving away this information…  but I quite frankly only want to deal with customers who see the value in what I’m teaching… so please only try this program out if it feels right to you.

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Just listen at what some of my coaching clients say about my training system and how it’s worked for them.






“I Now Have Abs Thanks To Jenn’s Virtual Training Program”

Miles V
Mazomani, Wisconsin


“In Just 60 Days I Was Able To Drop 30 POUNDS”

I am honored that you took me under your wing and showed me how to gain back the look and strength that was hidden deep within. Your friend 4 life Rob.

Rob P.
Greenview California


“In Just 90 Days I Lost 41 Pounds!”


“I Was Able To Lose Those Pesky 11 Pounds That I Couldn’t Lose On My Own”


“Because I’m a professional model I have to keep my body in tip top shape all year round.

With Jenn’s guidance I am able to exercise anywhere (without going to a gym) and learned how to keep control of my metabolism.

I highly recommend Jenn and her program.”Carla C.
Professional Model
Hollywood Ca.


“With Jenn’s nutritional guidance I was able to drop 5 dress sizes & lose 31 pounds!I’ve had trainers before but the motivation and email coaching I recieved was second to none.

If you are skeptic…don’t be. With Jenn’s help she will get you to your fitness goals.”

Denise W.
Hair Stylist
Brentwood Ca.


Oh yeah, and just in case you’re wondering, this program is 100% guaranteed

So if you want to get started on my Kettlebells Training Program…then click the ‘Get Started Now Button’ right now.

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you reach your goals =)

Committed to your success

P.S Right now you’re at a fork in the road – you can either continue on the same work out plan and get the exact same kind of disappointing results… never happy…spending for countless hours in the gym… or you and I can get started with this program and start working towards the body of your dreams.

P.P.S. Remember your protected by my money back GUARANTEE, where if you go through the entire program, do everything I show you to do, and in one year you haven’t reached your goals or aren’t well on your way to reaching them… just let my support staff know and I’ll refund 100%

P.P.P.S. If you’ve read this far and you’re still unsure or skeptical about joining – email me now. I will answer any and all questions you might have personally. Contact me here – [email protected]

Click Here To Order Kettelbells With Jenn For $37


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